Coral Tree Media

Coral Tree Media is a documentary filmmaking company dedicated to capturing the essence of culture and language. We are committed to raising awareness and promoting understanding through the power of film.  

JANAKI SEETHARAMAN (producer, director, editor) spent years in the technology industry in several Fortune 500 companies including Meta, Intel and Oracle in executive roles.  With a solid foundation in leadership skills, strategy development and projects execution, she has seamlessly transitioned into the realms of documentary film production, directing and research, bringing a unique blend of technical expertise and creative vision.

Driven by a passion for culture and storytelling Janaki made a pivotal decision to move into documentary film making.  Currently  Janaki serves as a dedicated producer, director and researcher, leveraging her creative prowess and story telling ability to deliver compelling narratives and impactful visuals. 

Janaki is an avid fan of Carnatic music and a novice singer.

BRIAN LINEBAUGH (producer, director, editor, camera, audio)  is an innovative filmmaker with an unique journey from the world of big data to the realm of cinematic storytelling. With a robust career as a Data Architect, Brian has spent years solving complex data challenges for leading companies in the financial and biotech industries.  This technical expertise, analytical thinking and attention to detail now serve as a foundation for his filmmaking endeavors. Through his creative journey, Brian aims to bridge the gap between the analytical and the artistic, producing films that resonate on multiple levels.

Brian has a background in Tamil language and literature from the University of California, Berkeley and has a deep-rooted passion for Tamil language and literature.  When not making films, Brian can be found on local tracks running 200m repeats.  He is an addict of South Indian filtered coffee and enjoys a strong teh tarik.